Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Beatles, "Ticket to Ride"

1965 is a crucial year for watching the Beatles in their artistic development. They were still making gigantic pop smash hits but were doing so with an ever-confidence in their abilities to broaden their horizons. For a while yet, it would still be focused distilling perfect pop songs by improving every element they could.

There's something so excellent about this song, the way the music so perfectly conveys the lyrical subject, churning and droning and twanging. It's so gloomy, but never drags, resting as it does on the wistful melody of the vocals. There's a ton of extra goodies in there, from the chiming 12-string intro, which sounds like a little lonely cry sesh, to the little guitar lick that punctuates the refrain and the way the music drops out when they sing "Ri-hi-hiiide" leaving them swinging in the breeze.

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