Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Other One: Chumbawamba, "Amnesia"

A while ago I came up with a concept for a feature for this site where I spotlighted the "other" songs by supposed one-hit wonders. I don't think the concept has a lot of legs because someone's always going to say "Hey, THAT was a hit too!" but in this case I think it works perfectly.

As you know, Chumbawamba is perceived as being a one-hit wonder, and due to the immense popularity of "Tubthumper," they are. But they had a long, weird history that remains incredibly obscure even to me. What I do remember, though, is this song, which rivals "Tubthumper" even in awesomeness. I post it today on the occasion of Chumbawamba's (arguable overdue, arguably not) break-up. Enjoy.

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