Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Does it Rock? Pink Spiders, "Busy Signal"

New concept, folks. I was up late one night surfing the YouTubes looking for new shit that hasn't been talked to death, and I came across this song called "Busy Signals" by the Pink Spiders. Have a listen.

Now then. On the one hand it sounds like a whole lot of whiney, pseudo-rapping pop-rock that I hear way too much of on the radio at work lately. On the other, occasionally they work some weird, cool, scraggly guitars into the mix, along with a delightfully tense undercutting of synths that aren't too-ironic-to-function and help propel the song decently.

I've never considered myself the paragon of culture. I like what I like, and I feel like I can only hope, at best, to articulate that for your benefit. But with this, I truly don't know. It's catchy, but is that always a good thing? The song isn't extraordinarily-impressively-written, but it was worthwhile enough for me to listen a few times and wonder the driving question of this article: contrived or original, catchy or not: does this rock?

I'm curious what you think (hey, look at me, fishing for a comment here now,) don't let me influence you. Every so often we need to refresh what we consider "good" and examine what we like about music. Leave aside whether you think it would be cool to like this band, does it do anything for you?

For what it's worth, they have another song, called "Seventeen Candles" that is an 88-style power pop effort I really liked, and a metallic jam, "Gimme Chemicals" that also speaks in their recommendation. But as for "Busy Signals," what do you think? Specifically, the song above: does it rock?

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