Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Other One: Third Eye Blind, "Never Let You Go"

It wouldn't be fair to call Third Eye Blind a one-hit wonder. In the late 90's and early 2000s they had a commendable string of hits that included not only "Semi-Charmed Life," but also the similarly ubiquitous anti-suicide jingle "Jumper" and teen heartbreak classic "How's It Going To Be?" But a decade-plus on, "Semi-Charmed" far outshines those tunes that, at the time, reached a similar level of success.

The one song by TEB that I thought never got its due was "Never Let You Go." Having achieved popularity with their earlier singles, they had the task of maintaining that level of success without seeming like they had run out of ideas. "Never Let You Go" does this exceptionally. It starts with the fact that it is built on essentially the chord progression from "Sweet Jane," which is an instant recipe for an indelible hook, then add in some of the same late-90s sunny-gloom of "Semi-Charmed" and "Jumper," and you've got a winner. If it doesn't have the cache of "Semi-Charmed Life," it's still a worthy successor and a perfectly-crafted piece of 90s pop-rock.

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