Friday, August 23, 2013

Does it Rock? Bad Things, "Anybody"

I'll confess, I'm not even sure I love this. There's not always certainty to the "Does it Rock" series, although I usually end up in the affirmative. I listened to the first 30 seconds of this thinking "Hm, this is a good start, I hope they don't squander it." I've been disappointed before. But no, they make all the right moves: it's mannered enough to hit the charts but rocky enough to please jaded folks like me. I grow more anhedonic and tough to please by the day, and yet it's also telling that anything that's just a little good seems laudable to me. It seems like it would be a "middle of the pack" late 90s rock single, but in the context of 2013 it just seems refreshing and fun to hear. It cheers me up.

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