Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cover: Lissie, "Pursuit of Happiness"

The more I hear of Lissie, the more I am awed. I'd not heard the Kid Cudi original before this one. It's kind of a laid-back hip hop gem, not a bad song at all, but generally a relaxed and pretty pointed celebration of the high life. It's got a good groove, too.

What Lissie does is turn it into a manic explosion in a life where the only options are pathetic mundanity and self-destructive excess, and of course you know which side she falls on, swigging tequila before tearing into it and looking ready to collapse by the end. "Tell me what you know about dreamin'," Cudi seems merely dismissive, but Lissie is calling you out on your shit. There's no middle of the road for this woman. She's unstoppable.

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